Video Games: Friend or Enemy

There have been arguments and debates whether or not video games are bad for children. Some believe that playing video games has bad impact on the over all being of a child. On the other hand, others believe that video games develop children’s intellectual capability like critical thinking and logical reasoning. But are video games really bad for kids? This article will go through some premises about this argument.

Video games affect kids health condition.

Experts conclude that video games are indeed unhealthy for children. There are cases that too much time spending on playing video games lessen a child’s interest in doing other activities. The worse case is, even eating is being compromised in too much attention in video games.

Video games affect childrens attitude.

Nowadays, with a lot of characters on online video games, it is an avoidable that sometimes, children tend to adapt unconsciously the characters action, way of speaking and even the way it interacts with people. In addition, some experts believe that the morals of children are also being affected. For instance, the online video games such as hack fornite has some cheats and tricks, allowing players to play the game without limitation and with them having overall control over it. These video games are being unconsciously adapted by your children making them think that it is okay to cheat and it imposes to children the benefits and advantages it can get from cheating.

Video games affect the kids socialization

This is the main negative effects of video games on kids well being. Video games are proven addicting, allowing kids to focus more on their tablets, phones, or gameplay gadgets rather than playing outside and making personal interaction with other kids. This is quite alarming since it reduces the value and essence of communication. Too much video games also makes children unaware of their surroundings.

In general, everything that is too much is definitely bad. Therefore, it is necessary that parents guide their kids properly in any activities that their children are engaged into. Cheats and hacks like hacks für fortnite should also be given attention and accountability whether or not they are really helping kids who usually play video games.

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