Clash of Clan, Knowing How to Play the Game Gives You an Edge

Mobile Games are everywhere, there is no stopping them. Different games are added on Play store ready to be downloaded.

Android Phone Users are also automatic game players.   They wouldn’t own an android phone without trying the games available on their phone. Downloading the games are as easy as 1-2-3.

Even a toddler is hooked with the games. One of the most popular game is the Clash of Clan. This is the latest craze in mobile gaming. People around the world are into the Clan war.

But, have you ever wondered how it gained so much popularity? What is in the game that people love to play it so much.

What is Clash of Clan?

Clash of Clan is an Android or mobile game. The aim of the game is to build your own empire and territory. This territory has to be defended against your opponents or enemies.

Since this is an online game, you will get to meet other gamers and you can all form your clan together. You can share powers and tools needed to defend your clan.

Game upgrades are made once you have successfully passed the challenges, Though it may take time, you can speed up your upgrade by using golds and gems.

What are Gems for?

Gems in the Clash of Clan is one of the units of currency used in the game. Gems are used in buying tools for building and or reinforcing your village. However, gems are easily drained when you keep using them.

It takes time to replenish these gems. It is also used for upgrading and for moving to the next level. Players who wanted to have an upgrade fast and easy would use cheats in Clash of Clan.

They hack the games to get unlimited coins or gems. Having unlimited gems will enable you to do things that you wanted.

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