The Good And The Bad Of Gantt Charts

Gantt chart is a simple and efficient way to keep track of all your project related activities. On one hand, it consists of all the important dates, times and events relevant to your project. On the other, it also keeps a tab on all the tasks that have been allotted to people involved in the project. This helps to maintain a clear view of the project and ensures there is no miscommunication. The Gantt chart has been responsible for a constructive way to complete your project deadlines since time immemorial. You will even get Gantt chart maker tools online like

If you are thinking of using the chart for your project, you might as well check out the advantages and disadvantages it provides.

Advantages of Gantt Charts:

  • Efficient organizer: Gantt chart accurately documents and organizes all the important data related to your project. The chart can also show which member has been allotted which task thereby eradicating any concerns of miscommunication.
  • Visual format: A visual format is always more handy when it comes to keeping track of various activities. The chart helps the members and managers keep themselves up to date with the tasks they need to accomplish within a time frame. It’s visual guide assists in better management.
  • Goal oriented: Breaking down of the activities and assigning of jobs to everyone inspires all to work harder to reach their particular goals. The chart acts as somewhat of a motivator to get work done.

Disadvanatges of Gantt Charts:

  • Must be constantly updated: The issue with the Gantt chart is that it must be updated at regular intervals if it has to stay relevant to the project. The progress you make with your project needs to be updated in your chart as well- otherwise it loses its importance.

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