A Quick Guide On Boosting Twitter Followers

What goes up and should never come down? It’s Twitter follower count.

It is important for everyone to have more and more followers on Twitter, be it a business account, personal account or even a meme account. Higher follower count means more prestige, greater reach and a lot of promotion. Here are some simple things one can adopt to gain more followers.

Number 1: Put Your Smiling Face Out There.

Putting your face as your profile picture can help you as people want to follow people. Even business accounts – if possible – should have faces in their profile not a brand logo. A face gives people a sense of connection and their chances of clicking on the profile goes up if they can associate a face to it.

Number 2: Informative and Intriguing Bio.

Once people see a profile of their interest with a face associated to it, they click on it and first thing that catches their eyes is the Bio. A bio must provide all the necessary information in a simple yet presentable manner. Chances of people hitting the follow button increases if the bio is impressive.

It will take some creativity to come up with an intriguing bio but it’s all worth it.

Do not use an uninformative bio unless you’re Robert Downey Jr. Only he can do that

Wendy’s twitter handle is globally popular, even in the countries that don’t have Wendy’s outlets.

Notice how their bio intrigues people to browse through the profile.

Number 3: Let the locals know.

Adding location and contact information to the profile attracts local followers and other people who know the account owner. This not only completes the profile but also makes account look more legitimate to people and this too increases the chance of them clicking on the follow button.

Number 4: Follow more people.

It is very important to follow other accounts as it creates a presence among like minded people. Retweeting or commenting on other’s tweets increases the accounts visibility and more people can access the profile.

Number 5: Have Good Content.

This is obviously THE MOST IMPORTANT thing. It is the tweets that matter. Make them interesting or maybe fun, informative, enlightening or whatever just make it worth retweeting. This way the existing followers will attract new followers. Use that 280 characters limit to create a fantastic read and make sure to add suitable hashtags.

Hashtags increase the reach exponentially! Trending hashtags are not used directly in businesses but a little creative approach can make it possible.

For example, Wendy’s Twitter gained sudden popularity globally once they started using trending hashtags and tweeting humorous content. This not only brought them popularity but also a lot of business.

Notice how Wendy’s used #Got to attract the audience. Using of popular culture invites a lot of attention. Also, the #HouseWendys is a unique hashtag build on a Game of Thrones reference. Such tags attract audience like nothing else. People want to use the hashtags and therefore they interact with the account. This directly boosts up the reach and popularity of the brand.

Number 6: Give people attention.

If people try contacting the page, they should get a response. People recommend and promote something if and only if people are happy with it. This can be done by mentioning people by name and answering their queries on time.

These simple steps can boost the follower count without any effort. Remember! A face to associate with, an intriguing bio and amazing tweets can do wonders for everyone.

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