People adore watching music videos on the internet. They search on youtube those viral music videos running around; streaming while enjoying the beat of the music. Gonna get it! I want to get this song in my phone exclaimed by one of the viewer. But how do I convert and download it―said by another viewer. Ooohhhh! how sad…Just kidding there is a way for that to happen. 😉

Converting a video isn’t easy especially if you don’t have any software converter. But there’s a trick on the internet that can help you convert videos―specifically Youtube videos―into an MP3 format without installing any software application in your computer, tablet, laptop or mobile phone. Wanna know how to do it? Then follow this simple procedures bellow.

Easy Steps to Convert Youtube MP4 to MP3

Step 1 – Open a browser in your computer―Bing, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or any kind of browser. Be sure your connected to the internet otherwise it won’t be possible.

Step 2 – On your browser, type in the search bar “Youtube MP3 Converter”. You will see several results of your search. That’s okay…

Step 3 – Select one of those results. You will be directed to the website you selected.

Step 4 – On youtube search bar panel search for a song you want to watch or any music video you wanted to convert. Note: You have to open two different tabs in your browser to be able to convert the video. 1 for Youtube and the other is for the Youtube MP3 Converter.

Step 5 – Copy the URL or the link of the music video on youtube which is located on the upper portion of your browser.

Step 6 – Paste the link you copied on the other tab converter panel then clink on the button to convert start conversion.

Note: You have to wait for it to finish converting. After that you will be directed to the MP3 download site. Click the download button and the download process will start. You can access the file in your computer after downloading it. For details click here to find out more Youtube MP3 converter.