The role of digital media in our lives has increased at a peak level. People are involved in the media forms in such a way that it has become an integrated part of their lives. The parts of video games are much the same. Especially for the youth and children Video Games are a fascinating part of their lives. Playing Video games are a satisfaction as well distraction for them at the same time.

What are the advantages of Video Games?

  • Many of the video games provide an approach towards problem-solving and decision making for the players. Gamers decide the strategy which sharpens their thinking ability.
  • The interaction in Video Games provides improvement in hand and eye coordination in pre-school children
  • Team games promote social interaction and teamwork which are important aspects of human social living.
  • Action Video Games provide accelerated images which improve the vision even for Cataract patients.
  • Games with achievements and rewards help in growing self-esteem and confidence of players.

Having quite many advantages Video Games are a catalyst in growing personality of players but also it has the other side as well.

What are the disadvantages of Video Games?

  • Various violent games increase aggressiveness in children because of their content.
  • High-Speed Media Content results in lack of attention many times. Students involved in long time gaming are not able to focus on various activities.
  • Newer technologies often make players impatient and reduce tolerance. They get frustrated very easily.
  • One of the worse effects of Video games is never ending addiction which makes games forget all important prospects of their lives.
  • Sleep Deprivation is another ill effect of Video Games. Day and Night exposure to video games make people insomniac.

At the end of the day, what matters most about video games is what values they are creating in the heart of players. The relationship of technology with its users is prior. The solution to this is supervised and restrained play. There are various sites like PokerQQ that offer the ability to concentrate on the game with satisfaction. Video Games can be a part of making a better world but with optimum usage.