The Best Raspberry Pi Software For Smart Home Automation

Raspberry Pi, a single board computer has many applicable uses, and one of them is home automation. It can be used to automatically turn on and turn off lightning, manage a plant watering system, and other things that are only possible in the movies back then.

Here are some of the best software for controlling your smart home with Raspberry Pi:

Home Assistant

Home Assistant is a good choice for your home automation. It is an open source software, which runs on, an operating system for smart homes. Home Assistant has a lot of features, which includes connecting to Alexa by Amazon and Google’s Google Assistant. It can be installed easily and contains a lot of other optional features which will surely make home automation a breeze.


Another good Raspberry Pi home automation software, MisterHouse supports voice command. The voice command function of MisterHouse supports turning on and turning off the lightning, recording a show on TV, and managing your phone calls. MisterHouse supports a variety of computer operating system. It can run on Linux, Windows, and MacOS. It also have a lot of tutorials online to make home automation easier with instructions.


Do you know that you can control your Raspberry Pi automated home using android apk apps? Emteria.OS is an operating system on Raspberry Pi that is based on Google’s Android OS. Through the use of this operating system, you can install your favorite apk apps on your Raspberry Pi.


Calaos is a smart home automation software with complete features. It supports touchscreen devices, Android apk apps, iOS apps, supports web applications, and can even be used as a server. Despite having a lot of features, the interface of Calaos is very easy to understand due to its simplicity, making the need for instructions not as important.

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