It is no secret that Gantt charts are perfect for project management. They are the perfect way to keep track of tasks, assignments, dates, schedules, deadlines and more. But since Gantt charts were first used in project management before, let’s see in which project types are Gantt charts best suited for.

Projects with multiple phases

Projects with multiple phases are usually what happens in the life of a freelancer. A freelancer has different projects going on all at the same time and that can be pretty difficult to keep track. These projects sometimes take a life of their own.

Along with multiple projects, there are multiple revisions, goals and phases. Thus, in this type of project, a Gantt chart is the best tool to use. Why? Because of the following:

  • Allows you to track each phase
  • Problems along the way and why they happened
  • Linked tasks
  • Duration of each phase

Projects that are long term

If you are the kind of person that likes to take on long term projects, then you should definitely familiarize yourself with how a Gantt chart works and how to make one using a Gantt chart generator. This tool will definitely make your corporate life a whole lot easier because you are able to see an overview of the entire project. Other benefits of a Gantt chart in this type of project include the following:

  • Oversee project from start to finish
  • Outline specific tasks and milestones to track progress
  • Options for bar graphs and other visual tools
  • Can include a time tracker for each assignment

Projects with a lot of people involved

Last but definitely not the least, using a Gantt chart for a project that involves multiple people will really affect the way you handle the team and the project itself. In this generation, people are open with the idea of a digital chart and collaborating virtually.