To many living in North America, shopping malls are considered dead. What was once filled with life, shopping malls are slowly closing their doors to make way for other opportunities such as online shopping. It’s not really such a surprise when shopping malls in the United States of America aren’t to anyone’s liking. For instance, the malls are surrounded by parking lots, the design is just a simple square-like architecture, and they’re mostly out of the way that it has become an inconvenience.

In contrast, Hong Kong’s shopping malls are booming. People flock to these malls for all the purpose in the world: shopping, dining and entertainment for starters.홍콩명품 are popular now more than ever. High class brands line up the insides of these malls and they don’t seem to be running out of customers. So what exactly is Hong Kong’s secret that North America can’t seem to pull off?


Shopping malls in the US is a big shopping center that is surrounded by asphalt. Some of them are a good 15-30 minute drive away that the only time you’ll ever find yourself at the mall is during the weekends when you do have time to spare.

Hong Kong solves this problem by putting their shopping malls right smack in the most crowded places. They’re not surrounded by wide parking lots but by all kinds of offices. Foot traffic is heavy around the area that people won’t seem to miss passing by their malls. Not to mention, entrances to shopping malls are conveniently located within subways for people to easily pass by.

Harbor City is a perfect example of Hong Kong’s thriving shopping mall industry. The ocean terminal is right near it and so are hotels. It is impossible not to pass by the mall when you’re in the area.


Shopping malls in Asia, especially in Hong Kong, are eye catching. They’re not just a block of building but they’re beautiful skyscrapers that charm would be shoppers to head inside. They make you feel like shopping is an enjoyable past-time rather than a chore to do. This is one major reason as to why Hong Kong’s shopping scene is growing.

Shopping malls aren’t dead. It’s just the lack of location, convenience and design that makes a shopping center boring.