How To Choose The Perfect Gaming Mouse For You

A gaming mouse is not necessarily needed for you to play a game, as any regular mouse with two buttons and a wheel can do the job. It can, however, give you a slight advantage competitively and it offers comfort during gameplay that other mice can’t, especially if you’re playing games for hours a time.

How does it differ from a regular mouse?

As was mentioned, a regular mouse canjust easily be used in computer games without any problems. However, gaming mice have ergonomic advantages over regular ones. Aside from the usual buttons and wheel, gaming mice offer dedicated buttons on the thumb area that trigger a specific action depending on what game you’re playing. The contour and shape are also tailored to offer maximum comfort.

Know your grip

There are basically 3 types of grips people employ when using a mouse:

  • Palm grip – when your entire hand lies flat on the mouse. This is the most common grip that people use.
  • Tip grip –only the tips of your fingers (index, middle, and ring) rest on the mouse buttons and wheel. Your palm doesn’t touch the body of the wheel you grip it with your thumbs on the side.
  • Claw grip – a mix between the first two grips. Your palm rests at the back of the mouse while your fingers angle in towards the buttons.

How large are your mouse movements?

Know the perfect sensitivity that works for you. DPI (Dots per inch) is a measurement of how sensitive your mouse travel is.  Most gaming mice have high DPI range and allows you to tune it to your liking.

What kinds of games do you play?

There are gaming mice more suited for a certain type of games. Know which type of games you play the most. Do you mostly play FPS games like PUBG, or most of your gaming hours are spent on MMORPGs? Games, like the Mu Origin gameplay requires you to have access to multiple buttons for skill maps, which certain gaming mice offer. FPS games, on the other hand, require controlled sensitive which can be found in certain gaming mice.

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