Well, it is possible to get huge publicity without a press release. Are you wondering how it is possible? If so, let me tell you. If you are the one who seeks for the way to get media coverage without any press release, then you need to pay attention to social media networks. At the same time, it is the best way to stay with real people. And also, providing peculiar stories to the journals helps you to get more media coverage. Just follow the below given steps and get huge responsibility even without media coverage.

  • Stay with the real people:

Are you using social media platforms? If so, then it is very easy to get more attention. Yes, just chat with the people and give a response to the posts they are posting. By posting frequent comments and likes will help you to reach out to the people in a smart way. At the same time, you will come to know what is the best press release distribution service is? In fact, they help you in all possible ways in order to get more exposure than ever before.

  • Speak for free:

Like comments, speaking for free is the best way to get more exposure without the press release. At the same time, you will be at ease to build power. Of course, those who are speaking voluntarily at the public conferences, schools, entertainments and many more may have the chance to get huge responsibility.

  • Run a contest on social media:

In order to reach out to the targeted people without press release, the social media platform is the best way. It is because; you can offer any contest offer. With the help of the popular social media sites, you will able to afford exclusive media presence.