What is a Pokemon Go Game?

In this gaming world, one of the most popular games that rock the world is the Pokemon Go fever.  There is a mystic kind of adventure that lurks the players of these games.  It literally captures the heart and the mind of both the kids and the young at heart.

It gives a sense of fulfillment whenever you catch a Pokemon. The adventures and thrill of finding one is an achievement to fulfill.

Some  Pokemon are easier to find, while some needs to cheats pokemon go in order to catch them.  This is what makes  Pokemon Go so much fun and unpredictable.

What Makes Pokemon Go a Difficult Game to Play?

The developers of the game have turned this into a more complicated and challenging level to achieve.  Some Pokemon can only be caught by using highly efficient skills of cheats and tricks.

Well, it’s not simply a catching Pokemon Go game but a thing that needs precision and thorough research.

Any plans for completing your Pokedex?   With some difficult to catch Pokemon, you will never achieve your goal.  We would like to give you some of the most bizarre Pokemon catching strategies that no one would be able to solve on their own.

Example of a Hard-to Catch Pokemon

Magikarp is one of the rarest Pokemon.  It is a small weak Pokemon fish that can only be caught in lake  Route 119.

What makes it difficult to catch? 

It can only be caught with a fishing rod. The lake where you can find this rare Pokemon is also quite big and it will only spawn on six tiles within the water.

This Pokemon first appeared in Ruby and Sapphire series.  If you do find it, the quest is not yet over.  This Fee bas will only evolve if you feed it with berries.  After which, then it is ready to evolve.

What’s confusing in this game is that none of it was explained.  The players don’t have any idea of discovering these things without having read the walk through.

The next time you play Pokemon Go make sure that you are equipped with proper knowledge on how to catch the rare ones.