The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Professional DJ

Mixing music and being a DJ is probably one of the coolest things to do. If you think you got the groove to take on this new path, you’re on the right track by checking out this guide on how to be a great professional DJ.

Steps to Become a DJ

  1. Know what a DJ does. It is important for you to know what kind of DJ you want to be. Learn their differences and other relevant information.
  2. Set your goals. Do you want to be a DJ just for fun? To start a Podcast? Or you want to be a DJ for business. You should have a clear and specific target in your future career as a DJ.
  3. Practice using DJ applications. Start your DJ experience and practice on DJ software tools first. There are a lot of applications that are very useful to practice your skills.
  4. Learn the fundamental skills of being a DJ. Start with studying basic skills like EQ, beatmatching, mixing, prep, and phrasing.
  5. Use and practice on a DJ Controller. Once you have already polished your skills. You are now ready to buy your own DJ controller. Price starts from $100 but the high-quality ones can go over a thousand bucks.
  6. Record your own Mix. One of the best ways to analyze your skills is to record it. Recording it enables you to properly assess your improvements over time.
  7. Create your own branding. Once you’ve started recording your mix, you can share or publish it, and then try to make your presence known online like in social media. You can also have a gig if you find the opportunity.
  8. Improve your skills. Everyone has the room to improve. One way to improve is to get feedback from the audiences.

There are also a lot of ways to become a great DJ. You could also check out Top 100 DJs DJ Mag for inspiration. All of those would be a great investment in your future career as a DJ.

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