How to recognize gaming addiction symptoms in one’s child?

Today the number of video games in the market is innumerable and as they come in huge variety they have created a huge fan following too. Mostly video games are famous among young people especially among children and teenagers, and now with the advent of various devices on which these games can be played, it has become far more accessible.

No doubt these DominoQQ platforms are highly advanced with great storylines, graphics, gameplay, characters, etc. but it is also true that getting addicted to them has become very easy. Video game addiction is very common among children and teenagers and parents should be alert about different signs so that this can be identified.

Some of the very common signs that show that a child may be addicted to gaming are:

  • When the child is cranky and in a bad mood when not playing games whereas as soon as they get access to games they become calm and composed. This shows that a child is depending on the games as a medium to compose their bad moods.
  • When one’s child starts using video games as an excuse to avoid real-life issues and problems, then it can be a symptom of addiction.
  • When one’s child starts showing less interest in other activities like outdoor games, being with friends or going to school and does homework to play games then it is possible that he/she is addicted.
  • If the child starts showing bad hygienic issues and also start to show physical problems like red eyes, sore fingers, headaches, etc due to playing video games continuously, then also one should be alert about possible addiction.
  • If the child starts behaving differently around people, start getting into fights and also start isolating themselves from others then also the possible reason can be gaming addiction.

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