3 Pro Tips for Raising Amateur Sports Kids

Drop off from sports has become an alarming problem today among the Gen-Z kids. It’s often seen that children often nag about leaving sports as they reach pre-teens or teens. Constant criticism by both coaches and overbearing parents, an ambience too strict and inability to get a berth in major championships- are some of the principal reasons behind unwanted drop off. The article shares some intelligent tips on raising amateur sports kids who won’t drop off.

Don’t over-criticize

It’s common for many parents to over-criticize their children if they lose out on a shoot or a hit. It’s natural to feel bad when your child can’t make it to the top. But instead of continuous rebuking and chiding, it’s better to invest in encouraging him to give his best shot in the next match. Talk to the coach to learn about the limitations and the strength of your child. Admire his strength and motivate him to work more on his weak points.

Don’t focus solely on winning

Yes, winning is no doubt important. You don’t send your child to sports just to achieve trophies. The whole idea is to make him physically and mentally fit, enable him to learn and develop new skills and allow him to have fun. But in today’s overtly hard-core sports environment where everyone is too focused on winning, the “fun” part is somehow missing. Encourage your kid to play hard but also teach him that the most important thing is to “participate” and give your “100%”. Winning is not everything in life. And you should maintain the same approach during both BandarQ and outdoor sports sessions.

Get him into multiple sports

It gets really boring if someone has to throw basketballs round the year. You should also let your child enjoy other sports as well to bring variation in his life. In fact, multisport kids grow up to be the smartest athletes.

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