Having a clean paintball gun aka marker to maintain its smooth working and also to make sure that it last longer. Many people find cleaning paintball guns boring but it is the only way to make sure that the gun performs precisely and aims accurately. Though every paintball gun is different in make and designs the steps of cleaning them remains almost the same. There are nine easy steps which will help in cleaning the paintball gun.


  • Toothbrush
  • Squeegees
  • Lubricants
  • Paper towels
  • Warm water


  1. Remove the carbon dioxide or the installed air tank so that there will be no accidental fires which can cause injuries to the one who is cleaning the gun and anybody near them.
  2. Remove all the parts of the paintball gun using the instruction manual. Make sure to remove the barrel, grip frame, hopper, and hammer.
  3. After dissembling the entire gun make sure all the parts and their fasteners are safely kept.
  4. Use the squeegee to push through the barrel and clean out any kind of paintball residue. After this wipe the barrel using hot water and a cloth swab and then wipe it dry using a paper towel.
  5. Now take the toothbrush and warm water to clean insides and outsides of every part of the gun. Remember to dry the gun entirely without leaving any wet spot.
  6. Clean the grip frame using a toothbrush removing any kind of dry paint and any substances from it, also remember that the trigger should not be removed from the grip frame.
  7. The next step is to clean the hammer and bolt with paper towels and check for any kind of internal damage to the O-rings.
  8. Lubricate the gun using paintball oil, also take close care to lubricate the O-rings.
  9. Lastly, reassemble the entire gun carefully using the schematic and store the paintball gun in the gun case until the next paintball session.