5 Absolutely Terrifying Gaming Experiences You Need To Read

Gaming is often considered to be a fun activity but most of the games have been designed in a way that the players feel thrilled. Judi Online has provided similar experiences to a number of gamers, who claim that they were so terrified that had nightmares and screams.

Read about some of the most terrifying gaming experiences of gamers:

  1. The screen shake of Sunless Sea

Sunless Sea can be a tough game and when you feel that you have seen everything the game has, you might experience something new. The screen shakes once you start completing the mission and that has been known to be tough on many players.

  1. The wall mounted holes in Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 is considered as one of the most thrilling games. The jump scares in the video game are absolutely scary and can keep even a good player on the edge.

  1. Fatal Frame can be scary if you are alone

Fatal frame is a popular game that is known for its horrifying sound effects and the scary characters. But, if you are playing this game in a silent space like a basement and alone in the dark, you may want to keep the volume down to avoid screaming during the gameplay.


The various versions of this game have been known to scare gamers for many reasons. While some players comment that the supernatural events of the game are scary, some claim that the music makes the game a thrilling experience. The game is anyways extremely atmospheric and you might want to play it when you have company.

  1. Silent Hill

When it comes to supernatural games, Silent Hill is often known to be a reason for an adrenaline rush in many gamers. The surreal plot and the hell like maze of the game makes it scary for many of them.

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