How To Raise Tadpolesat Home

Raising fishes in an aquarium is quite common, but what about raising a tadpole in your fish tank! Not exactly tadpoles can survive in a fish tank but it’s better that you give them water that is shallow and that helps the tadpole to go through its magical transformation stages before it grows into a frog. Raising tadpoles are very similar to raising frogs and here are some tips which will come handy when you raise a tadpole at home as your pet.

Tips for raising tadpoles at home

  • Tadpoles respond to sunlight while they are growing. So, make sure you put a light bulb of quite a high intensity near your fish tank where you have kept the tadpoles. This gives them a feeling that they are growing in response to natural sunlight.
  • While growing tadpoles do not fill the water tank more than 3 to 4 inches. Tadpoles love shallow water and make sure you give them that.
  • Put some water conditioners in the water. You can use any water conditioner but make sure you use one as it helps to wipe out the chlorine present in water and this is important for the growth of tadpoles.
  • Have some enclosed land space beside your tank because when these tadpoles will grow up they will need a place out of the water to chill.
  • Feed some boiled and cooled spinach and lettuce to your tadpoles. Also, you can add some protein based foods to the tank as proteins are an essential requirement of tadpoles.
  • Clean the tank after one or two weeks, do not miss these cleaning tanks are absolutely essential.

Hopefully, these tips will help you grow a healthy frog right from the eggs of frog that you have collected so enjoy taking good care of your pet.

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