Infidelity A Common Phenomenon, Why Do People Cheat In Relationships? The Top 9 Reasons For Infidelity

Infidelity is a term used for when a person cheats on their partner with another person. Surprisingly infidelity has become a common phenomenon, being unfaithful to your spouse or sexual partner. To understand why this happens and the reasons behind it here is an attempt to answer Why do people cheat in relationships.

When thinking about someone cheating, we usually assume that it has something to do with their sex life. However, experts say that sex and physical attraction cannot be the only reason behind someone cheating on their partner. Many times, people turn to cheat has more to do with the way they are dealing with emotions rather than sex. These emotions can be for the relationship they are in and they’re not so well way of handling it. But this can’t be all for every cheating partner, here are 9 reasons for Infidelity.

  1. They’re avoiding Conflict

There may come a time where the relationship is heading towards conflict and in panic and fear of facing that ugly truth or fight, may turn into cheating on your partner. A way to avoid the issue and skip it for the evening, temporary solution.

  1. They want to feel validated

Majority of people who cheat are looking for emotional fulfillment and satisfaction.  they feel that their current relationship isn’t fruitful enough and look for it outside their relationship, often leading to a physical affair.

  1. Weak Boundaries

You’ll be surprised but sometimes people develop too much intimacy with co-workers or friends leading to an infidelity relationship. After all, it is too easy to let the logic slip and let things spiral out of control.

  1. Way to end the relationship

Apparently, people find it easier to cheat than to come out and say they want to end the relationship, which is why the cheating occurs to break up.

  1. A boost of Self Esteem

Not all, but some may need a boost to their esteem and confidence, to know they still have it, that ‘it’ factor that they turn to cheating. Knowing that there are people out there who will want you rather than just your partner is a big ego and confidence booster.

  1. Anger

Infidelity may also occur as a way of releasing pent up anger towards your partner.

  1. Boredom

At times the spark, love, spontaneously is missing in the relationship which is why people look in other people for what is missing or that they feel bored with the monotonous relation and want more, instead of discussing they cheat.

  1. Seeking Revenge

Cheating may also be to take revenge which has stemmed out of anger towards the partner.

  1. To save the relationship

Weird right? How can cheating on your partner save the relationship? However, sometimes people think that cheating is a cry for help before they give up entirely on the relationship.

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