When it comes to pizzas Domino’s is one name that comes to one’s mind.  With great variety and quick delivery, Domino’s is ruling the market for a long time. Founded by Tom and Jim Monaghan in 1960, it took some time to get flourished but in 2018 it is declared as the largest pizza selling company.

They have many innovations under their hat like mobile pizza ordering, pizza tracker, 30 minute or fewer offers, real-time NY square billboards, pizza car, unmanned pizza delivery, and even the greatest f them all as mentioned by cardboard box manufacturers that the pizza box idea was given by domino’s.

Tom Monaghan one of the founder brothers, wrote an autobiography ‘Pizza Tiger’, in which he detailed many struggles and facts about the pizza giant and their journey in building such a big company.

Some of the facts about Tom Monaghan

  • Tom Monaghan mentioned that he used to threaten those who stole pizzas with fisticuffs and meat tenderizers.
  • His brother gave up his 50% share in the company to buy a used Volkswagen Beatle which was used as a delivery car.
  • He also mentioned how he got cheated and frauded by his business partners and lost money in bad business dealing.
  • He had an obsession with the work of the most renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright, about whom he has mentioned several times in his book.
  • He met his wife Margie when he was out for his first pizza delivery from a new store that he had set up in Michigan to the central Michigan University where she worked as the receptionist.
  • Tom Monaghan along with his brother Jim Monaghan grew up in a roman catholic orphanage, and as a devout Catholic himself, he founded Ave Maria University in 1998.
  • He came up 30 minute or less promise which created a lot of buzzes, and for this, he kept buying every pizza joint he could think of to build his network.
  • He is highly motivated towards his health and maintains a strict diet and eat only 500 calories a day. He eats desserts only 11 times and year.

  • He bought Detroit Tigers and then next year itself the won the world series.
  • He gave the name Domino’s to those who are the best employees and has a knack to succeed in their jobs.
  • He also started a corporate training module named as Domino’s college of pizzerology, in which he himself holds a doctorate.