The gaming world in the many parts of the world is very different from that in the west. Several aspects of gaming which are taken for granted in the American culture has a very different outlook in other parts of the globe. Here are five astonishing facts about the gaming world you might be unaware of.

Surprising facts about gaming across different parts of the world

  • Many people use different cheats and hacks in several games but doing such things in China is not legal and the result of such action will not only get you banned from playing the game but you might end up in jail for doing anything like that if you are in China. There are very strict rules regarding cheating in China so be aware.
  • In Iran mainstream games are not available rather the video games available are actually a modification of mainstream games which have undergone cuts and alterations by the ESRA which is the official game rating agency of Iran. The edited games are sometimes more violent than the original ones.
  • In Venezuela, the price of any technological item is almost unbelievable. Gaming items have become almost out of reach of the general citizens because of the extremely high prices and in 2018 electronics were pushed into the Lamborghini price tag territory as general electronic items like the PS4 costs about 56,000 dollars.

  • The majority of gamers in Russia use illegal ways as there is no definite 먹튀검증 of any content of gaming and 87% of Russians are unaware of the fact that pirating any gaming content is illegal. Thus, most games and even PS4 and X-Box are pirated.
  • All western and South Korean games are banned in North Korea a quite interesting game called the Pyongyang racer is available where you can drive through the streets of Pyongyang.

Hope these were some facts that you were previously unaware of and enjoyed reading.