Korean Netflix Horror:

Kingdom has been one of the most sought-after horror series on the Korean original series on Netflix. It has been able to send jitters down the skin and scared the hell out of its dark horror scenes. It is one of those series that are on the primary bucket list of people who like horror shows and movies. Hence, if you are looking after to watch series and movies in similar genre, so let’s look at the gems that can literally send jitters through your spine.

Top Recommendations:

  • Monstrum: It is based on a plague that spread in 1527 where an angry creature sets out to kill people around, not a zombie but gives real scares and builds the tension and thrill around.
  • Chaw: In this movies, 5 souls set out for a wild journey to kill the giant beast who has been causing mysterious deaths in the village.
  • The Tunnel: Although it has no monsters or zombies, but does have a lot of tension. It’s a survival drama film revolving around a character who drives through a tunnel inside a mountain that collapses and his survival chances are limited.
  • The Wailing: Mysterious illness had captured the village and the suspect is the new resident who shifted a few a days ago, while the policeman with his team sets out to solve the mystery.
  • R-Point: It’s an old classic that has fierce amount of terror and paranoia around the soldier’s team in 1972 Vietnam War.

Other Mentions:

Some other mentions are Flu, Pandora, The Host, Train to Busan and Rampant. Well, all of these movies have been able to captivate audience with its horror and terror coupled with mystery making them to become assured watch series and movie around. The Netflix’s horror section is dominated by such masterpieces over the years and will continue to.