Basically, the law is made for the public welfare. If any person commits any kind of crime, then it would be judged by the attorney of that government. Different lawyers handle a different kind of case. In case, any crime happened with you; then it will be handled by the criminal defense lawyer. Jeff Lichtman is a popular lawyer, who has the immense knowledge and experience of working.

However, there are some law myths present. Due to lack of awareness, many people have started adopting these myths real. Michigan have exposed many criminal laws myths, and some of them can be checked out in the below mentioned points.

  • Some people think that their conversation with the attorney is protected, but this is not possible in every case. The judge can easily find the reason behind telling the different things to a judge.
  • Police offers will surely read the right when they talk with the person. However, this is not true as they are only allowed to say anything about the right when they have taken you in custody.
  • If the police officers lie, then we are not allowed to convict. Well, the police offer always tells the truth in the court room. They often lie in order to find the hidden aspects of the case. So, if we are right, then stick to the point while the police lie to you.

In addition to this, there are also many more myths, which have exposed. If you believe any of the above mentioned myths, then now there is no need to believe. These all are misconceptions, and we should be aware of the basic things. In case, you have any doubt; you should ask the lawyer without any hesitation.