The Harry Potter series is one of the most popular and successful series among teens. This game is inspired from the same series. Established in the town of Hogwarts, it is set before the era of Harry Potter. A super user-friendly game, it offers a myriad of adventurous gaming options. Supported on the iOS and Android platforms, this game is a single-player game. It is declared that the game is played with reference to the time when Harry Potter has not yet arrived at Hogwarts. It is between the time period of his birth to his arrival at Hogwarts that this game is set up in.

Create a character

This game is one of those unique games that allow the player to create a character of their own. The player can create a character and attend the school of magic at Hogwarts. As it is the player can become a student at Hogwarts, he can learn magic spells,attend classes and battle rivals. There on the series of adventures will roll on involving the character of the player along with other significant characters. The player performs various tasks to gain energy. Touching the screen, the player can make movements, move to different places and level up.


Harry Potter Hogwarts mystery cheats offer a multitude of tricks to gain energy, health and house points. Energy can be gained by tapping on any one of such items like Stick, First Blank Portrait,Books Near the Bench,

Second Suit of Armor Right of the Great Hall,Wall Right of the Great Hall,Second Portrait. House points can be won by doing side quests, perform missions and attend classes regularly.

As it is the cheats that are the most in the game, one shall be acknowledged of the cheats to win the game in a flow.