Sleep is an important process in our life. After long hours of the working body needs rest and for that sleeping is best. It relaxes our body, thus makes us stress-free. For a healthy life, proper sleep is very essential. It makes our body to start working again with more energy.

How sleep helps your body?

When you sleep your body comes to rest. Thus body temperature, breathing and heart rate decreases, which help our body to conserve energy. During sleep,your brain does not come to rest. It restores all the mental activities of day time.

  • It improves your metabolism, by controlling body temperature and energy.
  • Maintains the proper functioning of the immune system.
  • It controls your blood glucose level and hence regulates your appetite and weight.
  • By controlling brain activity, it helps in restoring our memory.

Sleep has five different stages while performing research on sleep scientists also check the activity of the brain through an electrocardiogram.

Different stages of sleep

  • The first is a light sleep stage; it is a transition stage between sleep and waking. Muscle activity slows down and eye movement decreases.
  • Even the second stage is also a light sleep stage, eye movement completely stops. Generally, brief dreams come in this stage.
  • The third is the deep sleep stage, body temperature falls down and at this stage, it is hard to awake the person.
  • The fourth is also a deep sleep stage, body temperature falls further. Sleepwalk is possible in this stage.
  • Rapid eye movement is the fifth stage of sleep, eyes start moving to and fro. Heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing increases. The brain is active and uses a lot of energy.

It is always advised to clean your bed before going to sleep. There must not be any noise around your sleeping place. Put off the lights and wish your partner a good night and if she is far away from you, you can send a good night message for her.