Have you ever heard of Tokeet? If not, we are here to help you with the related details. Well, Tokeet basically is a solution which provides and helps to simplify the vacation rental management right from inquiry to check-out.

The key features of Tokeet

  • The contracts are seamlessly integrated

Tokeet has a feature of an integrated electronic document signature and thus you are not required to print, scan, and send the rental agreements back. Automatically the guests will get their contracts when they pay an invoice and then get notified as soon as the contract is being signed.

  • Send the invoices and get the payment done online

sending invoices will be easy and free. Now, you can easily create and send the invoices and also you can accept the credit card payment online without any hassle at the tip of your fingers. If there are any invoice changes then it will update your guest automatically.

  • Management of the channel

all your channels can be kept updated automatically. You can also have a synchronization across your sites, market websites and basically, anywhere else you like.

  • The front desk and housekeeping

this will organize all the check-ins and the check-outs that take place and you can also keep a good track of all the tasks of housekeeping.

According to the Tokeet customer reviews you have various perks which can actually serve you well, these include the following:

The cloud-based and mobile hospitality software will let you do various things like checking on your rates of occupancy and your customer profiles. Also, it can help you in maximizing the loyalty of the customer and conversation. You can get back with your customers and help them resolve their issues in a more efficient way. It can also help you in improving the management of all your operations.