While you can always call in professional carpet cleaners, it’s good to invest in the latest Carpet Cleaning for regular use. The Latest carpet compact cleaner is the most loved, preferred and purchased mop.  This mop is one of the best buys. It has unique counter rotating brushes which easily wash, scrub and clean hard floors. The dual tank keeps the dirty water from mixing with the clean one and saves you a lot of time and trips to the sink to change water frequently.


The 11.5 inch nozzle is easy to squeeze and dry in no time, making it quickly available for cleaning the next room. The counter rotating brushes ensure that there is no space left unclean no matter how difficult or dirty it is. It will easily get rid of all the congealed that you have been struggling to remove for a long time. Instead of waiting, I recommend you go buy the latest carpet compact cleaner now. This mop is more of a super mop as it fits in places where other mops can’t. This mop can flip both downwards and upwards. It aids you to clean those untouched areas which you have been trying to reach since long time. It comes with a fresh fragrance disc, which can be inserted in the mop pad. When in use it not only provides spectacular cleaning but also leaves a trail of fresh fragrance.

This fresh fragrance will build a good aura around your house and will help keep a happy mood. This mop also comes with a removable tank, which helps you empty and refill quick without having to lug the entire machine around. The water tank is lightweight and portable making it easy to use. This is definitely better than carrying a bucket around every time. The mop head is easy and simple to use, it satisfies all cleaning requirements. A 12.5 AMP is recommended to use this mop.