Social media marketing simply refers to the act of marketing on social platforms or websites. These websites often employ analytical tools that follow and store the success and other related data of ad campaigns. This information is, in turn, used up to either design more suitable ad campaigns or for use in e-market study and research.

How does it work?

The products or services which the user actively searches for is fed to the analytics tool and then the products or services are advertised accordingly. When many users actively search for various goods and services, on online marketplaces, the data so gathered is helpful in determining demand, developing marketplaces, designing the right campaign for advertisement purposes, the creation of demand, and so on.

The analytics tool require input to produce the results and this forms a major part of social media marketing but through other approaches, such as posting on blogs or sites, displaying customer feedback, advertising products in general, hiring celebrities to promote brands online, e-mailing customers also come under social media marketing.

The future of Social Media Marketing

As companies are globalizing and providing better products, they try to cut costs to provide their goods and services at competitive prices.Through this approach, middlemen are reduced and transactions are quicker and also, customers can avail all the products at one place. Social media marketing is, therefore, cheaper than simple marketing, and it reaches out easily to the domestic and international audience. Even the best ted talks on marketing always emphasize the potential of online marketing. Companies also use it to get customer feedback and help in providing other after-sale services.

Millions of smartphones are manufactured every year and new users of the internet and social media are added. New data is being fed into analytics tools and hence, a better picture of the online marketplace can be drawn, and the trends and demand can easily be predicted.