The Best Caribbean Hotels for Kids

Finding children-friendly hotels can be a rough process. You want to be as comfortable as possible while on vacation, and that’s not going to happen if you go to a hotel that is not child-friendly for your child. The Caribbean has many hotels that allow your kids to be kids and have fun.

Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay is an amazing hotel that is on its very own bay on the southern part of Antigua. Highly modernized, this Caribbean gem still has a sort of island feel to it. Carlisle Bay has a children’s club called the Cool Kids. It is in a building all its own and promotes fun from toddlers to teenagers. The amenities include an outdoor area that is covered from the sun, a sandpit, mini tennis courts, a swimming pool and a jungle gym. For children that are older, roughly around 8 to 12, there are activities such as going on mini hikes, snorkeling, taking sailing lessons or kayaking. In addition, there is a movie theater for the kids to go watch children’s movies such as “Finding Nemo” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Carlisle Bay
Old Road, St Mary’s
Antigua, West Indies
(268) 484-0000

Curtain Bluff

At Curtain Bluff, there are a lot of things for your children to do. There is a state-of-the-art playground equipped with a jungle gym, slides and a sandpit. In addition, there is a king-size swimming pool and a playroom that has computers and countless games. During Christmas and spring break, children between the ages of 4 and 10 are able to do arts and crafts, go on treasure hunts and play tennis. The older children are not left out; teenagers can engage in water sports such as skiing and sailing.

Curtain Bluff resort
P.O. Box 288
Antigua West Indies
(268) 462-8400

Cap Juluca

Cap Juluca is great for kids, with a few minor restrictions. Since the hotel is extremely large, kids under 6 are not permitted in the main rooms and suites. The hotel does not want their visitors to be disturbed by kids running around without parental advisory. Other than that, children are able to do everything else. For example, Cap Juluca’s Fun House is a great place for your children to hang out and do arts and crafts with other children. Your kids also can go on nature walks and playing other sports like tennis, volleyball and basketball. If you would like to go out without your children, baby-sitting also is provided by the hotel.

Cap Juluca Anguilla’s Premiere Caribbean Resort
Maundays Bay, AI-2640
Anguilla, British West Indies
(888) 858-5822

Equestrian Vacations Ideas

Colorado Trails Guest RanchAn active vacation filled with horse riding is an equestrian’s dream. Whether you want long trail rides, instructional-style classes or a luxury holiday with casual, short rides, there is a destination ideally suited for you. These equestrian vacations ideas will get you started to plan the perfect horse-riding getaway.

Kentucky Horse Park
Participate in horseback riding and visit the International Museum of the Horse and the American Saddle-bred Museum. Go on a tour of local horse farms in the Kentucky Bluegrass countryside. Equestrians may register for classes, attend daily horse shows and tour the horse barns. You can buy refreshments on the park grounds and find restaurants and hotel lodging nearby in Lexington. On-site camping is available with reservations.

Kentucky Horse Park
4089 Iron Works Parkway
Lexington, KY 40511
(859) 233-4303

Colorado Trails Guest RanchEquine Research Foundation
Take a learning vacation or do a summer internship at this not-for-profit foundation dedicated to research in horse behavior and cognition. One- or two-week riding programs are offered throughout the summer, and part of the fee is tax deductible.

Equine Research Foundation
P.O. Box 1900
Aptos, CA 95001
(831) 662-9577

Scottish Equestrian Center at Glen-eagles Hotel
Take a beginners riding course or learn more advanced dressage at the luxurious Glen-eagles Hotel resort in Perth-shire, Scotland. The equestrian school will customize a training program for your own interests and skill level. Lodging, dining and amenities at Gleneagles hold a 5-star rating, and prices reflect its high rank among European resorts.

The Gleneagles Hotel
Perthshire, Scotland
(866) 881-9525 (USA)

Colorado Trails Guest RanchColorado Trails Guest Ranch
Take in the whole dude ranch experience with a comfortable bed to sleep in at night. The ranch provides cattle drives and all-day horse rides through the Colorado hills and canyons. Or take shorter rides in order to enjoy fishing, relaxation and family activities during the rest of the day. Cabins are available and hearty meals are served at the main lodge.

Colorado Trails Guest Ranch
12161 Country Road 240
Durango, CO
(970) 247-5055

Andes to the Ocean Horse-Riding Expedition
Explore the wilds of Patagonia in the South American country of Chile. Organized by Expediciones Chile, the week-long schedule is for intermediate and advanced riders who enjoy the great outdoors and wilderness camping. (You can check their day schedule online at Book this international equestrian vacation through a travel agent.

Why Marketers Need To Get In The Game Of Online Games And Mobile Games

With the number of consumers playing social games and mobile games growing exponentially and the demographics of those playing becoming more and more diverse, marketers need to be at the ready to take full advantage of this burgeoning marketing and advertising platform.

Back in May, I wrote of The Big Opportunity Marketers Are Missing Right Now, a post which dealt directly with online social gaming and how a great deal of those playing online social games were women, the same women who are responsible for the majority of decisions made in a household. In that same post I told of a Forester Survey which revealed 84% of companies surveyed had no plans to use online social games in their U.S. marketing strategies in the next year. The same Forester Study showed only 19% believe games will become more effecting marketing vehicles in the next three years.

That same lack of interest in online gaming was supported by a finding in the The Trends In Social Advertising Survey – which was conducted earlier this year via Brian Solis and The Pivot Conference. Notice the not so subtle read box around the line for Zynga and how only 2% of respondents to this particular survey have utilized the online gaming giant in a social advertising campaign.

I wonder if these same companies, these same people who participated in the aforementioned surveys would feel the same after hearing Lisa E. Phillips, e Marketer senior analyst and author of the new report, “Online Gaming Audience: Lines Blur as the Market Grows” … “Gone are the days when only males ages 18 to 34 were hardcore gamer’s or only moms were pelting their Facebook friends with requests for hens or heifers in social games like FarmVille.”

And I wonder if these same companies, these same people who participated in the aforementioned surveys would feel the same after learning this…

Social gaming will reach 61.9 million US internet users by the end of this year, or over a quarter of the online population.

us social gamers

Or this..

In 2011, 73.5 million mobile users will play games at least monthly, up 22.1%. By 2015, more than 100 million US consumers will play games regularly on their phone.

And now a word about I*N*T*E*G*R*A*T*I*O*N…

I’ve already told you Why An Integrated Marketing Strategy Is Vital To Success but it appears Integration is also key in the context of gaming…

“Although certain affinities still exist, most gamer’s are playing games on at least three different systems,” said Phillips. “However, marketers must still be prepared to support a promotion across multiple platforms,” – PCs and consoles to smartphones and tablets.

What’s your take on online and mobile gaming?

Have you incorporated either or both into an advertising and marketing campaign?

Do you plan to in the next 6 – 12 months?

Or do you think it’s pretty much a waste of time?